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Founder & Executive Director


Kathy Robinson-Suber is a 1989 graduate of Morris College where she acquired a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology. In 2008, she decided to attend graduate school and achieved a Master’s degree in Business with an emphasis in Human Resource Management graduating with honors.

Kathy believes that there is “life” after domestic violence. As a 28-year survivor, she battled depression,  physical ailments and thoughts of suicide to escape a life of endless emotional, mental and physical pain. Throughout the years, she realized that there really IS HOPE. After owning and acknowledging her own darkness and embracing her own light, she decided to walk in her truth.  She has now decided to help others see the light at the end of the tunnel and live their best and safe life. 

Kathy  has achieved multiple training certifications related to Mental Health Challenges,  Parent and Professional Collaboration, Trauma 101, Brain Development 101 and multiple other certificates, as well as being a certified Career Development Facilitator.  

Currently Kathy serves as an Advocate Coordinator who works with community volunteers  that advocate for children in foster care in Newton/Walton County, Ga.

Kathy also plays a part in catering to her need to give back to the community by mentoring with Newton Mentoring, Inc. where she has the pleasure of guiding a young girl through the adventurous life of elementary school. 

Lastly, Kathy is the proud owner/operator of a business called Protect Your Ground Personal Safety Products. This birth child came about due to her concerns regarding the well-being of individuals (primarily females) who are out and about alone and faced with negative situations that can lead to harm. She does believe wholeheartedly that “Your Safety Is In Your Hands”.

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