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                                                                                            A warm welcome from “Unspoken Tears LLC”.

We are a gathering place for individuals who would like to know more about domestic violence.

It is a place for everyone.

We are focused on providing a gateway for open conversation about the trauma of domestic violence and how to begin to talk and walk in our truth. Whether you have experienced domestic violence firsthand, or have never experienced domestic violence at all, we can promise you that you know of someone who has been on that journey and is hiding their truth. 

This workshop is for the purpose of inspiring women to seek what does not cause them pain. This workshop is for the purpose of inspiring ideas and discussions regarding ways where together, we can make our city, your city a better place for women and children experiencing the trauma related to domestic violence.

This workshop is not about calling anyone out on their journey but about enlightening the general public about the journey of domestic violence. This workshop is a place where you will hear some stories of survival, the characteristics of domestic violence and have a clearer understanding of what a person experiencing domestic violence endures.


Together we can make a change and encourage the gift of life that is not plagued by the trauma of abuse.

Domestic Violence is ugly, it is scary, it is demeaning, it is shameful and ultimately, it can lead to death.

Unspoken Tears Inc. was created to help others recognize their worth and realize that there is life after the pain of domestic violence.

                              Join me and let’s walk through it together.


If you would like for us to conduct a workshop with your group, complete the interest form and let’s talk about it.

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All donations made to Place To Prosper Inc. are tax-deductible

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