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What qualities does Place To Prosper, Inc. look for in a volunteer?

All volunteers must be willing to work with persons of diverse ages, races, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, gender identities, sexual preferences, and lifestyles. Volunteers must also have strong skills enabling them to work both independently and as part of a group. It is not necessary that you have experience or education in counseling or domestic and sexual violence to be a volunteer.

A direct service volunteer must demonstrate the ability to actively listen, understand and establish a warm, trusting, non-judgmental relationship with a client. It is important to be able to make a quick decision and demonstrate an ability to respond effectively in a crisis situation. The volunteer must also possess the ability to respect a client's decisions and allow the clients to take responsibility for their decisions. 

What is required of me as a volunteer?

Volunteers are required to complete appropriate agency forms and training throughout the year, follow agency procedures, and submit all paperwork to the Volunteer Coordinator in a timely manner. The number of hours you volunteer may vary, depending upon our needs and your availability.

What can I expect from volunteering with Place To Prosper, Inc.? 

You can expect a challenging and rewarding volunteer experience. Volunteers are a valued and integral part of Place To Prosper, Inc. You can expect to be well trained and prepared to offer quality services to residents. You will become familiar with community resources and develop many valuable transferable skills. Finally, you can expect lots of gratitude, as we are all thankful that you have chosen to give your time to us. 

How can I, as a volunteer, contribute to ending violence? 

Place To Prosper, Inc. helps survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault restore their sense of self-worth. We work to empower our residents to gain independence and to live free of violence. Volunteering at Place To Prosper, Inc., is your opportunity to help end domestic and sexual violence. 

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All donations made to Place To Prosper Inc. are tax-deductible

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