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Am I being ABUSED?????

Have you ever found yourself wondering and asking yourself, “Am I in an abusive relationship?” If you have asked yourself that question, then you may likely be in one. There is that thing called a spidery sense in the pit of your stomach that makes you “feel some type of way” when your spirit is disrupted by what is happening around you, especially if it is with someone who you are in a relationship with and one who is supposed to be loving and caring to you. Yes, I know that it is hard to see it when you are in it but on the other side of the coin, you know when you are not happy. Abuse is not always physical. Abuse comes in many forms. Sometimes it is how someone speaks to you. Do they speak harshly to you? Do they berate you and say things that seem to tear at your self-esteem and have you doubting that you are the absolutely wonderful person that GOD created? Does it seem like they struggle to just be kind to you? Verbal abuse is real. A person does not have to always put their hands on you to hurt you. “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”. LIES!!! Words do hurt and a person who has every intention of hurting you verbally and breaking some mental or emotional part of you will use cruel words to try to achieve the goal of breaking you down. It is difficult when we care deeply for someone but there comes a point when we have to realize that everyone does not love us back the same way. Think about this, everyone wants to be loved and the biggest manipulators know how to find someone who just wants to be loved.

So, again if you are asking yourself if you are being abused? Find a quiet space to sit down and evaluate what is happening in your relationship. Ask yourself, “Is my partner abusing me verbally? Is my partner abusing me mentally or emotionally? Is my partner abusing me financially? Is my partner abusing me sexually? Is my partner abusing me physically? If you answer is yes to any of those questions, for your sanity and safety reevaluate the relationship and find the safe place where you should be.

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