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When he says he does not love you anymore!

When he tells you that he does not love you anymore, count it as a blessing? Why? Well, now you know. You no longer have to assume that his mistreatment toward you is just because he is having a bad day or that his treatment of you is your fault. I know, women also tell men that they are no longer in love with them but for the purpose of this little blog, we keeping it with the men expressing their feelings about you. Why is it so hurtful to hear someone say that they no longer love you? If could be because you love them and only want those same feelings reciprocated. It could be that you can not emotionally handle the rejection. Whatever the reasoning might be, don’t make excuses for how he feels about you? Don’t walk around wearing blinders thinking that oh, this is just a phase and he will love me again. One thing that you never want to do is attempt to force someone to love you back or even love you at all. You are more valuable than that. One of the things that we are guilty of is NOT loving ourselves first. So many times, we find our self-worth in how we believe someone feels about us. How they make us feel. We get caught up in thinking that because they are nice to us or do nice things for us, that equates to our worthiness. We have to get back to treating ourselves like the Queens that we are and loving on ourselves and realizing our value based on our own self evaluations of who we are. Not based on if he loves us or not. And if you have never been treating like a Queen by anyone who has been a part of your life, start with you treating yourself. You can do it. I believe in you. Do now allow your being to be consumed with the outside world and how they make you feel. Break that barrier of feeling like the world or he define you. Take back or take control of how YOU feel about YOU. I promise you that it will be well worth it. Your smile will get wider, your heart will become lighter and your glow will shine brighter. Tell yourself daily, “I LOVE YOU”.

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